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Creating Magical Experiences

We're dream weavers, storytellers, and creators of enchanting moments. Our team is a tapestry of imagination, brought together by a shared love for crafting worlds of magic, mystery, and wonder. With every festival we curate, we invite you to step into a realm where dreams become reality, and the extraordinary is just a heartbeat away. Join us on this fantastical journey, where the ordinary is left behind, and the extraordinary awaits.

Whimsy Witch Team

Bringing Magic to Life

"As co-founder and management coordinator, I bring dreams to life one event at a time. My passion is to orchestrate enchanting experiences where fantasy becomes reality. With a dash of magic and a pinch of organization, I weave together the threads of imagination, ensuring every moment is a chapter in a fantastical story. Let's embark on this journey through the realms of wonder together."

Sadie Dukes Co-Founder & Management Coordinator 

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The Wizard Behind the Curtain

"As the co-founder and technical director of our magical world, I'm the wizard behind the scenes, conjuring the technology that brings our fantasies to life. With a love for innovation and a commitment to enchantment, I work my digital spells to ensure that every experience we create is nothing short of extraordinary. Join us in our quest to merge the realms of technology and fantasy, where the impossible becomes possible."

Ki Roberts Co-Founder & Technical Director

Globally Awarded Event Planners 

Award Winning Festivals

Whimsy Witch Events, positioned in the heart of Tennessee, has orchestrated a mesmerizing symphony between fantastical realms and palpable reality, ensuring their patrons are spirited away into otherworldly experiences. Bestowing upon them a 2023 Global Recognition Award unfolds not merely as an acknowledgment of numerical triumphs but as an ode to their artistic and strategic prowess in event organization.

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