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Image by Carla Santiago

       Trials Of Ragnorok
Viking Games/Competition 


Gather your clan and join us for an unforgettable weekend at the Trials of Ragnarok! 


Whether you come to compete or just to soak in the Nordic atmosphere, we promise a memorable experience for all. Don your best Viking gear and prepare for an adventure like no other!

Welcome to the Trials of Ragnarok! 


Join us for a weekend of thrilling Viking games and a vibrant Nordic market from August 24th to August 25th. This event promises fun and excitement for the whole family!


Ticket Pricing:


Multi-Day Basecamp Inclusive Wristband:

40$ Adults 

All training camps

Fight pit admission

More Activities to be added

Daily pass 15$


Training Camp Cost:

Per Camp, $10


Event Highlights:


Viking Competitions: Test your strength and skill in various Viking-themed games. From axe throwing to archery, there's a challenge for every warrior, young and old.

Tournament Days 


Axe Throwing


Hammer Toss


Knife Throwing 

Spear Throwing 


Age Brackets 






Tournament Pricing:

10$ a piece  

35$ for all. 



Nordic Market: Explore our market bustling with vendors offering the best of crafts, food, and merchandise. Discover unique items!


A live historic Viking Village. 


Family Fun: With activities tailored for both kids and adults, everyone can enjoy their share of the Viking spirit. Participate in family-friendly games and enjoy performances that will dazzle and entertain.


Daily Training Camps


Axe Throwing


Knife Throwing


Hammer Toss

Mead Races

Arm Wrestling 

Tug of war

Board Games

Hammer Toss


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