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Image by Gioele Fazzeri

 Witching Wood Rumble: Tournament of Heroes and Mystic


Step into an enchanted realm where magic and valor reign supreme! From July 19th to 21st, the mystical forests of Newport, TN, will come alive with the vibrant spectacle of the Witching Wood Rumble. Join us for an unforgettable three-day journey through a world where medieval meets mystic, under the canopy of ancient woods.

 Live Medieval Combat & Jousting 

Witness the clash of steel as warriors from distant lands compete for glory in heart-pounding live combat and jousting tournaments. Feel the ground tremble under the hooves of charging steeds and cheer for your champions as they battle for honor and victory.

 Mystic Marketplace 

Explore the sprawling Mystic Marketplace, where artisans and merchants from across the realms offer their exotic wares. From enchanted artifacts and mystical potions to handcrafted jewelry and rare ingredients, find treasures untold in every corner of this bustling bazaar.

 Activities for All Ages 

The Witching Wood Rumble is a festival for everyone, with a plethora of activities to delight and entertain. Participate in archery contests, potion-making workshops, storytelling sessions, and much more. Whether you're a brave knight, a cunning sorcerer, or an adventurous explorer, adventure awaits at every turn.

 Event Details 

Dates: July 19th - 21st, 2024
Time: Starting at 10:30 AM each day
Location: Newport, TN

Embrace the spirit of adventure and join us for a magical celebration like no other. Don your cloaks, sharpen your swords, and step into the legend. The Witching Wood Rumble awaits!

 Join us in the Witching Wood – where heroes are made, legends are born, and the magic never ends. 

Tickets Available soon!

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